fixed broken recording

fix regular clicks and initial dropouts for diskstream playback
fix order of loopers when loading from file
add [indexes] in looper descriptions

fixed crash in grain-setting (realloc-problem in looperdata.c)

fixed 2 alphatrack related crashes

fixed "Attempt to unlock mutex that was not locked" problem.

*) fixed broken compile for latest debian versions

*) avoid sudden volume changes in midi grain playmode

*) added preliminary support for M-audio xsession-pro
*) added support for frontier alphatrack remote control
*) canged range of playback-vol sliders to -48 - +18 db

*) fixed some segfaults when peakview runs out of mem
*) fixed position-interpolation for long buffers
*) fixed midi-channel chaos
*) peakview generation runs faster now
*) try harder to find a a free port for osc-server 
*) allow bigger empty buffers (1000 sec)

*) relax jack-client startup

*) "suspend" buttons for rec. and playback
*) threshold-driven recording

*) try to raise priority of mix thread on startup
*) fixed resize at project loading
*) fixed wrong samplerate-conversion for filebuffers
*) fixed slow peakview calculation when recording

*) fixed mono playback and recording
*) repaired "save *selection to file" again

*) fixed segfault on recselection-resize
*) fixed deadlock in pixel calculation
*) fixed multiple broken recording

*) this is mainly a bugfix release:
*) fixed graphical loop-resize behaviour
*) fixed spinbox behaviour in looper.c
*) fixed broken peakview at block-borders
*) improved buffering for disc-streams
*) clean up peakview on close/change
*) avoid double calculation of peakviews
*) fixed some memory leaks
*) added up/down buttons looper-position
*) repaired handling of mono buffers
*) repaired "save *selection to file"
*) make configfiles language-independent
   (this may break some old config files)

*) fixed behaviour when jackd is not running
*) added "stereo diversity" for granular mode
*) added click-mode (vinyl & cd for now)
   thanks to oliver stotz for the idea.
*) midi-only mode for grains now keeps pitch
*) optimized lists-handling

*) don't let second kluppe crash on start
*) check buffer loading and warn if failed
*) add "de-normalize" option for loopers
*) bounce correctly in back'n'forth-mode
*) fuzzy logic quit dialog
*) included manpage from debian package
*) various improvements and buxfixes
   (thanks a lot to piem)

*) better graphical handling of loop-wrap
*) "new project" option in file dialog
*) fixed compilation for klopfer
   (thanks to toni again)

*) fixed soundfile samplerate conversion
*) clear loopview before painting new data

*) improved peakview

*) disc stream support
*) "play once" and "rec single" modes
*) generation of peak-data in own thread

*) yet another Makefile-fix-release
   (thanks to toni for the help)

*) preliminary osc support using liblo
   when compiled with -DHAVE_OSC
*) fixed compiling without libusb (-DHAVE_USB)

*) tranzport(tm) support for klopfer
*) added some simple presets for kloper
*) fixed debian/unstable compile problem
*) fixed occasional segfault on project loading
*) grid from play/rec-selection
*) make midi more responsive
*) correct URL in about dialog
*) handle note-off events
*) fix gridoffset-bug in configfile loading
*) regard midi volumes (velocity)
*) save and restore window geometry

*) corrected grain wrap around loopborders
*) reduce grain offsets to smoothen pitch shift
*) fix possible segfault for very small grains
*) improve klopfers shuttle control
*) simple midi control for granular pitchhift + bend
*) avoid "differ in signedness" warnings for gcc4
*) fix stepsize for output-volume fader
*) fix grainsize spinbutton behaviour
*) moved parts of main menu to "Edit" menu

*) set grid to 120 bpm by default
*) insert some yield points in gtk parts for
   smoother task switching
*) moved kluppe homepage to
*) startet online documentation
*) integrated klopfer frontend
*) change (mouse-)pointer over selections
*) return 0 (int) instead of nothing (void) on xrun
   to prevent being kicked off by jack
*) added a minimal "about" dialog
*) fixed gcc compile flags (-pthread)
*) improve memory check on file loading
*) fix a bug in (buffer-, looper-...)list handling
*) fixed occasional crash on configfile-load
*) more work to allow low latencies
*) added "normalize play/rec selection"
*) bypass pointer calcualtions when not in use
*) revert to pthread for jackmixer
   to prevent being kicked off by jack
*) fix a possible segfault on "new empty buffer"
*) start loadfile thread at startup
   to prevent being kicked off by jack
*) optimize peak calculations for loopview
*) set filename of buffer after saving contents.
*) correctly remove from jack on quit
*) (re-)added kluppe.png to tarball

*) save buffer/playloop/recloop content to file
   for now it's always .wav 16bit unsigned
   (needs more work - eg. different filetypes)
*) improved mouse control for loopview
*) meter grid in loopview (+ settings dialog)
*) "CV sync": drive loopers by "external pointer"
   this allows jack apps (eg. supercollider, pd, ...)
   to crontrol/be controlled by kluppe's playback.
*) prevent loading of soundfiles bigger than the
   available physical memory
*) display error dialog on failed soundfile-load
*) fixed segfault when recording into mono buffer
*) add "reset custom position" and "reset custom speed"
*) fixed occasional segfault when closing loopers
*) include version in path of .tar.gz

*) save / load projects
*) loopers can be closed now
*) loopers can be minimized
*) very simple "limiter" instead of clipping
*) moved normalize to buffer-menu
*) added clear buffer option
*) auto panner
*) kluppe now works in "free wheeling" mode
*) cpu load in progress bar
*) refreshing of gui relaxes at cpu load > 40%
*) optimized loopview-widget to reduce load
*) use kluppe1, kluppe2 ... as jack names
   (instead of kluppePID)
*) relax buffer initialisation to avoid
   "zombifying" through jack
*) soundfile info in "new buffer from file" dialog
*) usb-shuttle-interface is now linux 2.4 compatible

*) found and fixed an infinite loop
*) fixed waveform view for normalize across loopers
*) "overdrive" feature for rec-mix slider
*) added random "grain density"
*) added support for shuttle-Xpress HID device
*) monofiles are now internally handled as mono
   input to mono-buffers is mixed L+R -> mono
   output ist always 2 channels (mono can be panned)
*) update all affected loopviews
   for a buffer while recording
*) split "custom mode" into
   "custom speed" and "custom position"
*) "normalize" function in menu for custom mode
*) occasional segfaults on file loading fixed

0.1 initial version
features so far:
*) gtk2.0 interface
*) different threads (jack, mixer, gui, bufferactions)
*) creating of (stereo-)buffers
*) gtkloopview widget
*) loading of files (libsoundfile)
*) playback master and singletracks (jack)
*) recording into buffers
*) playmodes: loop, back-forth, sinewave, custom
*) (0 - 15) grains with variing size and speed